Instructions to Authors

Instructions to Authors

(1)  Aims and scope. International Journal of Contemporary Issues in Research   is a multidisciplinary journal.

(2)  General. The Journal will publish original carefully refereed papers, brief notes and reviews on a wide range of Contemporary Issues in Research problems. Contributions will be considered for publication in International Journal of Contemporary Issues in Research if they have not been published previously. Before preparing your submission, it is essential that you consult our style guide. Please download the archive

(3) Manuscript and Correspondence. Contributions are welcome from all countries and should be written in English. The manuscript for consideration in the Journal should be sent by e-mail in PDF format directly to or to one of the Editors or to a member of Editorial Board. The final version of the paper accepted for publication should be in LaTex/doc  program in accordance with the style file of the Journal.

The title of the article must include: author(s) name, name of institution, department, address, FAX, and e-mail; an Abstract of 50-100 words should not include any formulas and citations; key words, and AMS subject classifications number(s). The size for regular paper 10-14 pages, survey (up to 24 pages), short papers, letter to the editor and book reviews (2-3 pages).

(4)  Tables, Graphs and Illustrations. All figures must be suitable for reproduction without being retouched or redrawn and must include a title. Line drawings should include all relevant details and should be drawn in black ink on plain white drawing paper. In addition to a hard copy of the artwork, it is necessary to attach a PC diskette with files of the artwork (preferably in PCX format).

(5)  References. Each entry must be cited in the text by author(s) and number or by number alone. All references should be listed in their alphabetic order. Use please the following style:

Journal: [1]

Poincare, H. Title of the article. Title of the Journal Vol. l(No.l) (year) pages. [Language]

Book: [2]

Liapunov, A.M. Title of the book. Name of the Publishers, Town, year.

Proceeding: [3]

Bellman, R. Title of the article. In: Title of the book. (Eds.). Name of the Publishers, Town, year, pages. [Language]

(6)  Proofs and Sample Copy. Proofs sent to authors should be returned to the Editor with corrections within three days after receipt. The Corresponding author will receive a sample copy of the Journal with his paper appeared.

(7)  Editorial Policy. Every paper will be handled by an editor or a member of the editorial board for the peer-review process of the paper.

(8)  Copyright Assignment. When a paper is accepted for publication, author(s) will be requested to sign a form assigning copyright. Failure to do it promptly may delay the publication.

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